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SINGAPORE: The Housing and Development Board (HDB) plans to offer about 17,000 Build-To-Order (BTO) flats in 2021, similar to the number … We are closed on weekends and public holidays. you can use our elegant property search tool to find the right 1-room flat, 2-room flat, 3-room flat, 4-room flat, 5-room flat, jumbo HDB, executive apartment, maisonette HDB, multi-generation HDB and HDB terrace for rent with detailed information, including maps and photos. 80sqft. This is Premium Access Only listing. Seniors can apply to install grab bars and ramps at home to enjoy enhanced safety and added mobility. Browse HDB directory for the most complete information on Singapore HDB flat, HDB news and guide, HDB estates, HDB towns, HDB resale, HDB flat for sale and for rent. Jumbo HDB Flats for rent in Singapore. We welcome your feedback on our service, whether it is about a positive experience you have enjoyed or feedback that will help us improve our service. C & W  Services Operations Pte Ltd (Anchorvale). Whether you are a first-time buyer or you have owned a flat before, it is a huge commitment. Focusing on nurturing a strong family and community spirit, public housing policies and schemes are formulated to meet changing needs and aspirations. View your HDB flat details at a glance, and access My HDBPage with one tap! These flats are located in housing estates, which are self-contained satellite towns with well-maintained schools, supermarkets, malls, community hospitals, clinics, hawker centres (food court) and sports and recreational facilities. Focusing on nurturing a strong family and community spirit, public housing policies and schemes are formulated to meet changing needs and aspirations. Singapore Department of Statistics. Maintain your windows regularly with 3 easy steps. Based on HDB figures, Singapore’s five most expensive HDB rental estates, in ascending order, are: #5 Toa Payoh. ... Would you share an insight article or your suggestion on location standpoint. For any enquiries about commercial properties, feel free to contact us: You can book HDB Hub facilities through the following 2 venues: If you have any enquiries about the application, you can email us at hdb_errc@hdb.gov.sg. 728 Tampines Street 71 Tampines Courtview 3+1 Whole Unit For Rent. Kick-start your own community project to foster community bonds, or enliven public spaces. Two will be located in mature estates of Kallang/Whampoa and Toa Payoh while two will be located in non mature estates of Tengah and Bukit Batok. Executive Apartment for rent in Singapore. Also, compare prices of similar door projects in your proximity. $2,600. Search on EdgeProp.sg today! Clean. Submit an application, make an online enquiry, or pay your bills at your convenience. Certified listings. Find everything you need to know about the selling process here. You can book HDB Hub facilities through the following 2 venues: HDB Hub Convention Centre For other housing options, you can apply for HDB's open booking of flats, which allows you to book a flat as early as the next working day after you have made an online application.You can also find out the location and number of flats in our upcoming BTO sales exercises.. HDB Terrace Houses. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any enquiries regarding application procedures, eligibility conditions, and tenancy matters under the Public Rental Scheme. Location, size and the obvious factors aside, there’s also another strong pattern: units on high floors are much more likely to fetch higher prices. Automatically fill online forms with a click. NEW. Make payment for your various housing-related services at your convenience. Also, you can learn more about the price trends & historical data of the HDB with our advanced analytic tools! Here is where you can get information on flat matters that you may experience living in an HDB flat. Read the conditions and procedures on how you can transfer the ownership of your flat to your family members. 2 … Packing Materials at Post Office . Alternatively, you can contact us via our hotlines as specified below. 3-Room: $1,800/mth 4-Room: $2,350/mth You can share your experience with us through any of these channels: Hotline: 1800-866-3063 (weekdays: 8:30am to 5:00pm), Hotline: 1800-225-5432 (weekdays: 8:00am to 5:00pm), Branch Service Line at 1800-225-5432 (weekdays: 8:00am to 5:00pm), Essential Service Providers’ 24-hour hotline, The Town Council managing your flat (during office hours), The Town Council’s Essential Service Providers’ 24-hour hotline, For requests to HDB relating to the Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme, you can send them via, SERS enquiry line: 1800-866-3070 (weekdays: 8:00am to 5:00pm), General line: 1800-866-3073 (weekdays: 8:30am to 5:00pm), For more information about our Commercial properties and complexes, you can contact our, Hotline: 6490-2927 (weekdays: 8:30am to 5:30pm), Hotline: 6490-1071 (weekdays: 8:30am to 5:30pm), Hotline: 6490-3203 (weekdays: 8:30am to 5:00pm), An assignment fee of 10% for re-assignment of lease, An administrative fee of $500 for change of use, Hotline: 6490-3039 (weekdays: 8:30am to 5:30pm), Outside HDB estates: Singapore Land Authority, Change/ renew/ terminate tenancy of rental flats, Issuing of renovation permits, including sale of units’ floor plans, Management and maintenance of rental flats, Service mortgage loan and pay upgrading cost, Change mortgage loan/ upgrading cost repayment period, Other HDB payments, such as rent payments and fire insurance premiums. You can transfer your season parking if you have changed your vehicle or car park. Map To Find Location of Rental Flats. You can submit an application, submit an online enquiry, or make an appointment with us. Singapore is an island country located off the coast of the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula in Southeast Asia, between the Indian Ocean and South China Sea. Schedule. Keeping in view we’ve lost about 10% of property value in our current HDB. You can use the channels listed below to get in touch with us. All checked for your HDB resale eligibility? We develop public housing to provide Singaporeans with affordable, quality homes, and a better living environment. If you are looking for other lease services such as renting out of flats/ rooms of HDB purchased flats, please contact your managing HDB Branch under ‘Branch service and contact information’. The contact details for issues regarding the Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme is here as well. Access our wide range of e-Services here. It consists of Singapore Island and some 60 small islets. There are 3,713 HDB for rent in Singapore. Find out the guidelines for renovating your home and engaging a registered renovation contractor. 1800-325-8888. Double storeys, front porches, and a sloped roof; all features of a typical … Find out more about Season Parking in HDB car parks. Interviews will be conducted from Sep 2020  to Aug 2021. The government has since stopped developing these, and there are only 285 of such terrace h– um, we mean HDB flats, in Singapore. Here are the various ways you can contact us. 3 Rooms HDB Flat for rent in Singapore. Joint Press Release by CPF, HDB and MOH - Interest Rates from 1 January 2021 to 31 March 2021 and Basic Healthcare Sum for 2021 Transact with us at your convenience. Public housing in Singapore is managed by the Housing and Development Board (HDB) under a 99-year lease. There is so much in place for you to bond with your neighbours and create an active and cohesive community. Blk 105 Bukit Purmei Road. View the gallery and portfolio of the best-reviewed HDB door installation companies in Singapore. The Housing & Development Board ("HDB") has issued S$600 million, 15-year Fixed Rate Notes (the “Notes”) under its S$32 billion Multicurrency Medium Term Note ("MTN") Programme. Below are the locations for our various Branches. 49 cases of fallen windows in the first 11 months of 2020. Get to know your neighbours better and make new friends! CPF members below 55 years old will continue to earn interest rates of up to 3.5% per annum on their Ordinary Account (OA) monies, and up to 5% per annum on their Special and MediSave accounts (SMA) monies in the first quarter of 2021. Even after the HDB has acquired the tail-end lease, you can still lease out the rooms in your property for extra income depending on the size, location, and the market value of the flats. Whether you are buying, selling, or already living in an HDB flat, everything you need to know about residential properties is housed here. Disadvantages Of Lease Buyback Scheme. Ev… Singapore News - Most of the elderly buyers who booked flats under the two-room Flexi Scheme opted for shorter leases, the Housing Board said yesterday. See the flat options available and learn more about the buying process. Get the information you need for any business involving HDB homes, properties, commercial spaces, or land under our management. In 1947, the British Housing Committee Report noted Singapore had "one of the world’s worst slums -- 'a disgrace to a civilised community'", with an average person-per-building density of 18.2. See the different types of parking schemes available. To message such listings or to see their phone number you will have to upgrade your account to paid membership Under SSCS, you are the sole owner of the HDB flat. Here is some useful information to help ease the process. To enquire about the sale of floor plans, contact us via: These may be applicable for specific HDB leases: You can contact us for any further clarifications: You can use vacant state land temporarily for events and other recreational activities. Find out more about the location that you may be interested in living in. Discover the true heart and soul about Singapore - its people, their everyday life and it’s secrets. We believe in being accessible to you. Find out the procedures and details for selling your HDB flat. Of the two HDB schemes for singles, the Single Singapore Citizen Scheme (SSCS) is the more straightforward of the two options. Check out our latest, upcoming, and past sales launches. For enquiries, you can write to us using our e-Feedback Form or call our Branch Service Line at 1800-225-5432 (weekdays: 8:00am to 5:00pm). Bedok is one of the largest residential areas in Singapore with almost 300,000 residents living in this matured estate. These properties have an average price of $24 per ft². Pls write in to enquire (2 hours) Route. Manage Your Deliveries with ezy2ship . Blk 105 Bukit Purmei Road. HDB Resale Price Index DOUBLED from 2007 to 2013, dropped slightly to 2015 then stabilized. You can check on the SPR quota of a block, or locate HDB car parks, shops, and industrial estates. Singapore is divided into 28 separate districts and each district offers a distinctively different living experience. You can find the contacts of key HDB officers in the Singapore Government Directory. Town Councils are responsible for controlling, managing, maintaining, and improving the common property of HDB residential flats and commercial property within the Town. At HDB, we design for your life's needs beyond just the space you live in. Joint Release by BCA-HDB: Well-maintained Windows Keep Your Community Safe, Singapore's First Assisted Living Flats to be Launched in February 2021, Joint Press Release by CPF, HDB and MOH - Interest Rates from 1 January 2021 to 31 March 2021 and Basic Healthcare Sum for 2021. Visit LIVINGSPACE, the revamped HDB gallery, to find out how we plan our HDB towns and get a peek of future smart and green homes. Total number of Housing Development Board (HDB) apartment units in Singapore from 2000 to … More than homes, HDB towns are vibrant places to live and enjoy to the fullest. Send your suggestions on business regulatory matters. For case-specific enquiries and appeals, we may need more time to assess your request and circumstances, and we seek your understanding if we take longer to respond. HDB precincts are planned to serve the evolving needs of the community. Locate HDB rental flats by their clicking on the map, by postal code, or street name and block number. Tampines is one of the largest towns in Singapore and is incredibly self-sufficient, making it a popular location for both buyers and renters alike. Be a part of your community by taking part in fun community activities and events. More than homes, our HDB towns are vibrant places to enjoy to the fullest. (24-hour). We develop public housing to provide Singaporeans with affordable, quality homes, and a better living environment. Check out the contact information regarding maintenance-related requests inside and outside the flat, and car park matters. Actually prices are … HDB’s Mobile@HDB app offers a convenient and one-stop access to our suite of e-Services on the go. Browse thousands up to date listings in Singapore. Singapore, city-state located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, about 85 miles (137 km) north of the Equator. Register for ezy2ship now! Because Bedok is one of the older HDB towns in Singapore, most of the flats you’ll find here consist of 3-room or 4 … This includes published information on individual topics, such as the flat application scheme, home renovation “Do's and Don'ts”, how to buy Season Parking through GIRO. For HDB flats, while this figure isn’t publicly given, a rough estimate showed that rents actually increased close to 7.3% in 2017. A statistical analysis conducted earlier this year found that out of all the 5-room HDB flats on the 40th floor or above resold since 2015, a good 75% fetched $1 million or more. As part of HDB’s efforts to integrate greenery and nature into our towns, we carry out studies to better guide the planning and development of new housing areas. HDB Hub 480 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh Atrium 3rd Storey Singapore 310480 (weekdays: 8:30am to 5:00pm) For more information about our Commercial properties and complexes, you can contact our Commercial Properties Managers; Booking HDB Hub facilities. Location and contact details of our Branches. Singapore is the largest port in Southeast Asia and one of the busiest in the world. MyNiceHome is abuzz with articles on home decoration ideas, green and community living, and interesting facts about your HDB flat and neighbourhood.

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